Rob Quist changes his tune, flip flops on healthcare

This week Montanans noticed a change in tune when Rob Quist’s campaign website, who Quist outsourced to be built by an out-of-state firm, added a new issues page with glaring flip flops in policy positions.

Rob Quist was clear during his nomination at the Democrat’s convention, he’s a Bernie Sanders guy. He supports socialized, single-payer, government run healthcare.

“Like Sanders, Quist supports a single-payer healthcare system.” – Huffington Post.

Now that Quist has the nomination locked up, he’s done pandering to the uber-progressive authoritarians in the grassroots; he and his insider allies desperately want to win. Quist can never win by supporting socialized medicine, that would run against his entire “Montana Values” schtick.

When faced with a contradiction like this, the insiders doubled down with a flip flop. They give us a generic poll tested establishment Democrat answer. Check out Quist’s new stance on healthcare:

“Rob will fight to make sure all Montanans have access to quality, affordable health care. He will stand up to special interests and politically-motivated D.C. politicians who are attempting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which helps keep Medicare strong and ensures Montana families aren’t broken by outrageous and prohibitive health insurance costs.


“Rob stands with seniors and will protect Social Security and Medicare. Seniors have worked hard and paid into these systems for their entire lives– and should never have to worry about losing these crucial programs.” –

Quite a pivot from being a “Bernie Sanders guy”. With no resemblance to his initial position for a Single Payer System. In fact, Quist’s new stance essentially mirror’s Republican Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare talking points on entitlements:

“We have to save Medicare to avoid disruptions in benefits for current seniors and to strengthen the program for future generations,” and “one of my top priorities is to preserve the Social Security safety net”. – Paul Ryan’s Issues Page.

Quist’s insider handlers know that he can’t win with an agenda of socialized medicine, so they flip flop in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of average Montanans who fundamentally reject overreach by the federal government.

As for the progressive grassroots? They are kept at arm’s length and fed small rations of ideological pandering in the hopes that they don’t say enough is enough, and stay home on election day. Real progressives aren’t in the driver’s seat, they’re just being led to believe they are. Typical establishment tactics.

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