Rob Quist Fundraiser Features “Very Adult” Cabaret Show

It seems Rob Quist is trying to beef up his campaign’s fundraising numbers in order to compete with opponent Greg Gianforte, who has already spent more than $100,000 in TV ads. It’s not clear however if a “silly, sexy, smart, and very adult.” cabaret show is the best way to raise money.

Quist Fundraiser


The “Wet Hot Amurican Mess” event is hosted by Big Sky Rising, a liberal dark money grassroots organization behind recent astroturfed protests around the state.

All proceeds for this “one night only” risqué event will go to “Support Rob Quist for Congress”. We wonder what COPP Motl’s thoughts would be on a non profit grassroots organization directly raising and spending money to help a candidate in an election?

This brings up two important questions Montanans should consider this special election:

  1. Does Rob Quist support and accept these dark money campaign contributions?
  2. Will Quist be performing at his Caberet Show, as he does at all his other campaign events?

Montanans deserve to know.

5 thoughts on “Rob Quist Fundraiser Features “Very Adult” Cabaret Show

  1. If any Rob Quist supporters attend this ‘sexy’ event, it will be with their full, informed consent. Consent is something your president doesn’t seem to wait for when he’s grabbing women by their genitals or making quid pro quo demands of sex in return for doing business together. Save your righteous outrage for those who really deserve it: Donald Trump.
    As for Big Sky Rising and your accusations against it — let’s see some proof. Without it, your assertions of ‘dark money’ and ‘astroturfed’ protests are just evidence of stupidity and paranoia, and as credible as Trump’s ridiculous ‘birther’ accusations.


  2. If y’all think hard working Montanan’s spending money to attend a very public event where *gasp* men and women will assemble together to laugh at grownup jokes and raise money for the candidate they support is “dark money” you might need to look up the definition of “dark money”. You might also want to figure out who’s funding the mass ad campaign buy for your buddy Greg.


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