Rob Quist has a “Montana Values” Problem

The left’s response fell flat when widely publicized recent discoveries showed MT-AL candidate Rob Quist lying about problems with paying outstanding bills that persisted over decades.

Leftwing media publications like the Montana Cowgirl wrote responses echoing the 2014’s mantra for Amanda Curtis: Rob Quist is one of us because he can’t pay for his medical bills.

But then stories with headlines like “Quist told bank he was too sick to make payments in 2011, but played 35 shows” from the Billings Gazette rendered those responses hollow.

That same article showed that Quist in fact was making a consistent salary, with a “reported income of between $1,000 and $2,000 per performance.”

With income seemingly coming from many different directions, and apparent dishonesty about the severity of his medical condition, Quist and the left’s narrative of “one of us” has deteriorated.

With some of the lowest average wages in the country, Montanans can understand financial struggle. But look back at all the past campaign rhetoric about “Montana values”, and you’ll find “honesty and a firm handshake” is repeated over and over. It’s clear now that Rob Quist has a “Montana Values” Problem.

Back when Quist was first nominated, we identified Rob Quist as the Hillary Clinton of the MT-AL special election. These recent developments confirm our label.

In our analysis, we predicted that Rob Quist’s campaign would be faced with, and ultimately would fail at, reconciling his two contradictory identities: the progressive authoritarian ideas of the party he represents and his folksy outward “Montana” demeanor.

But now with these recent revelations about Quist’s financial dealings, his Montana-Values schtick has imploded.

The Rob Quist we all knew only weeks ago, the insider’s pick who could embrace Montana values and toe the line between moderate and liberal constituencies, is now just a huckster in a cowboy hat selling socialized medicine to an increasingly disinterested progressive base.
It won’t win him the election.

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