Quist Touts Conspiracy Theories During Radio Spot

Montana congressional candidate Rob Quist revealed a deep skepticism of widely proven science during a radio interview recently, touting conspiracy theories about pharmaceutical drugs.

Responding to a question about prescription drugs, Quist claimed “there are natural cures.. that are so much safer” and continued describing his aversion to prescribed medicine, “nobody knows how those things interact with each other”.

The radio interviewer attempts to save Quist from the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, saying “that’s because you’re supposed to ask your pharmacist.” But the damage had already been done.

Not only is Quist’s abrupt denial of modern science medically and factually inaccurate on many levels, his aversion to pharmaceuticals sides him with claims touted by only the most nutty conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones.

This should be alarming to Montanans considering a vote for Quist. If he is willing to ignore proven medical science on this issue during the campaign, can we trust Quist to weigh the facts before a vote in Congress? Or will he continue to side with absurd conspiracies and fringe wing-nuts?

“Quistcare” would likely be a scary proposition, with a socialized healthcare system steering sick people in need of advanced medicines to “natural” remedies and other medical quackery.

Quist’s position on prescription drugs puts him way out of step with the majority of voters, even among his own Democratic party, and closely aligns him with the anti-vaxxer, “bunker-dwellers” recently railed against by the Montana Cowgirl.

On that note, our staff wonders where Quist stands on the use of vaccines? With no publicly available positions on the topic, we think that Montanans deserve to know where he stands.

Does Quist also believe in the “New World Order” and “Chemtrails”? The intellectual company he keeps certainly does.

A statewide congressional candidate touting nutty anti-science conspiracies is unprecedented, and our team will closely monitor this emerging issue for the rest of this election.

Quist’s anti-science disconnect with the average voter is likely to spell more bad news for his struggling campaign.

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