Dark Money Group Dropped as Host for Rob Quist’s “Very Adult” Cabaret Show Fundraiser

The dark money group Big Sky Rising has been dropped as a host for the risqué “Wet Hot Amurican Mess” fundraiser for Rob Quist’s campaign, now replaced as host by the official Flathead Democratic Party.

Event page before:

Quist Fundraiser

Event page now:

murican mess

It’s unclear what spurred the change in hosts or the lock down of the event, but it was likely due heightened scrutiny from the national attention the event received after our report, as well as the murky campaign finance implications of a dark money group directly coordinating with a candidate for congress.

This quiet event change indicates that our report must have struck a nerve. If coordination wasn’t an issue, then why change the hosts and lock down the event? Someone must have decided a change was needed.

It’s interesting to note the ease in which this hosting handoff took place. Big Sky Rising must be closely connected with the official Democratic Party, if not one in the same.

Read more about Quist’s “one night only” risqué event now hosted by the Flathead Democratic Party here

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