POLL: Quist in Death Spiral


A recent poll from Emerson College polling released some devastating numbers for the banjo plucking congressional hopeful. The poll placed Quist 15 points below his opponent.

That kind of dismal poll performance would be devastating for any campaign, but the bad news doesn’t end there for the mustachioed folk singer. Only 69% of self identified Democrats committed to supporting Quist. Meanwhile 26% of Democrats have reported they intend to vote for Republican Gianforte.

Our staff reported earlier this year that Rob Quist was a candidate handpicked by the corporate establishment in the Democratic Party and that his problems with Montana Values would play to his detriment. The Montana Democrats ran to the middle with Rob Quist, hoping his folksy demeanor and cowboy image would be enough to win over Montana.

Our prediction seems to have been proven correct with Quist’s total failure to be a performer in the polls. Now, with the shocking number of Democrats pledging support for Republican Gianforte, it appears Quist may be trying to salvage his progressive bonafides.

In order to remedy their apparent disconnect with liberal grassroots, the Quist Campaign has announced they are bringing Senator Bernie Sanders to campaign alongside Rob Quist. Here at the Montana Political Review, we think Quist is over-correcting with this move, and will only further distance himself from Montana voters.

According to the same Emerson College Poll, 48% of Montanans have an unfavorable view of Bernie Sanders and even more damning, only 35% of independents view Sanders favorably. These numbers could spell disaster for Rob Quist’s chances. But that isn’t stopping the Quist campaign from heavily promoting the upcoming visitor from Vermont.

Rob Quist is being flanked on all sides right now. Democrats are running away from his candidacy and planning on voting for Gianforte. He is bringing in a millionaire from Vermont to campaign alongside him, only to find out most Montanans don’t like the guy.

Rob Quist is not doing well. He has been consistently making poor campaign decisions, opting for “feel good” but ultimately ineffective tactics like having New York celebrities drive overwhelmingly liberal college students to the polls. Quist has essentially given up trying to reach the middle-of-the-road independent Montanans, and now apparently has to spend vast resources assuring turnout from the usually loyal base. With only about a month left to go, Rob Quist is likely to end up as second fiddle.

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