Weeks After Gianforte “Body-Slam” Media Frenzy, Quist Blames Media for Loss

The Montana special election has only been done for a few short weeks, but both candidates seem to already be preparing for a rematch.

Despite the bruising loss, Quist blames everyone besides himself as responsible for the defeat. Apparently the litany of personal issues that dogged his campaign from start to finish, everything from tax evasion to the discovery that Quist has genital herpes, wasn’t the issue. Instead, Quist takes a page from the Donald Trump playbook and blames the media’s reporting on those issues in a recent interview.

“Every time in the local papers, it was always repeating the negative narratives,” Quist said in the interview with Huffington Post.

Add in “covfefe” and Quist’s statement would be hard to differentiate from The Donald.

It’s unnerving when politicians who seek offices of power step this close to attacking the freedom of the press. And also why we called for Gianforte to pull out of the race after his egregious assault incident.

But perhaps this is a more calculated move on Quist’s part. Gianforte raised over $100k after his body slam incident and there is some indication that the body slam may have actually energized his campaign, as twisted as that is.

Congressmen Gianforte has already declared his intention to run for re-election in 2018, despite carrying some immense baggage from his assault. Not only must he continue to dodge questions about why his campaign distributed a statement that contradicts his apology and sentencing plea, a long legal fight now remains as to whether the media will get their prized, juicy mugshot of the Congressman’s booking.

With the addition of Quist taking the “negative media” angle as he considers entering the race again, 2018 looks to be a lively house contest.

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