Self Described “Super Lawyer” to Challenge Gianforte in 2018

After yesterday’s FEC filing, Greg Gianforte now has an official 2018 challenger from the Democratic Party: Billings Lawyer John Heenan.

Heenan is a partner at the Billings based firm Bishop, Heenan and Davies. His biography says that he went to UM and subsequently graduated from UM Law School. After graduating from law  school, he went to work for the Teamsters, a prominent Montana union and active liberal political group.

He is also a “proud member” of the Montana Trial Lawyers Association, a progressive group that props up activist State Supreme Court Justices.

And radical progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren’s pages are among his top facebook page “likes”.

Heenan previously made press after his shady political group Montanans for Experienced Judges was sued by Republican operative Jake Eaton in 2016.

Most recently, Heenan gained some attention as one of the two special attorneys appointed to represent former Montana COPP Motl in his infamous campaign finance suit against former State Senator Art Wittich. Heenan had also represented the COPP in an earlier suit against the Montana Growth Network.

The Montana Cowgirl described Heenan as one of “Montana’s best lawyers”. The Bozeman Chronicle reported that “Motl said he chose the Billings attorneys because they were experienced and agreed to work for free.”

With this most recent filing, we wonder if there wasn’t a political motive behind Heenan’s appointment to take down a prominent Republican. Could this appointment have been a kickback to an obviously partisan friend?

Our tipsters have previously suggested that Jesse Lasovich is gearing up for a run against Gianforte after his expensive 2016 loss to now State Auditor Matt Rosendale. But if Democrat mainstays like the trial lawyers and the teamsters are lining up behind the relatively unknown candidate Heenan, we may be in for an expensive and fun 2018 primary contest.

One thought on “Self Described “Super Lawyer” to Challenge Gianforte in 2018

  1. we’ll see what the actual out – in – Montana MONTANANs think ….mult-generational survivors (not money – changers…)


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